J is for Pumpkin

James and I are looking at an alphabet picture book. One letter he knows by heart is J, the first letter of his name.

me: What letter is this?

James: That's a J!

me: Yes, that's J.

James: "J" says what, mama?

me: "J" says Juh--Juh--Juh--Juh.

James (pointing to Jack-in-the-Box) : Juh--Juh--Juh--Jack in the Box!

me (pleased): Good!

James (jumping up and down): J is for Juh--Juh--Juh--Jump!

me (surprised he got two in a row): Wow, very good!

James (pointing to a jar of jellybeans): Juh--Juh--Juh--Jellybeans!

me (convinced my genius son will start reading tomorrow): Good boy, Jamie, good boy!

James (pointing to Jack-O-Lantern): Juh--Juh--Juh--Pumpkin!


Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh that is so cute.
So cool that the Internet allows us all to share these moments.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

That is adorable! For the record, I still think he's a genius ;)