I'm up on YouTube!

I thought Google was crazy to spend $1.65 billion to acquire YouTube . Sure, Google gains access to over 70 million users and 100 million eyeballs that view their videos each day. But can all the ads in the world and all the $1.99 music video downloads justify that amount? Time will tell. I suppose Google is uber-rich anyway and that $1.65 billion is just a tiny fraction of its own market valuation.

I stopped trying to figure out the stock market when I lost all that money in 2000. So I'm not going to waste my brain cells figuring out why they paid so much (and why I couldn't have been a YouTube employee when this happened!). But if you can't beat'em, join'em. And so I did. I have signed up with YouTube and now have my very own YouTube channel:


I have several of our family videos up on this channel, so follow the link to watch our videos! I'll be posting many more, so stay tuned. Also please leave comments on the site so I'll know who's watching.

I have to admit, it is really easy to upload the videos and even feature them on this site. And though I haven't watched too many of the videos on the site, I have to admit the ones I watched are hilarious. In our celebrity-reality-self-obsessed society, no wonder this site is so popular. Hey, those Google folks are smarter than I thought.

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