A new take on Yummy

Reference.com says that "yummy" can refer to:

Yummy Bingham, an American R&B singer.
"Yummy", a song by Gwen Stefani.
"Yummy", a song by Puerto Rican singer Chelo.
Yummy Yummy, a Singaporean film.

But to me, "yummy" is all about food. Sure, I know yummy is also about the chubby toes of a sweet little baby and the perfect pair of Christian Loubotin heels and that dreamy, hot Latin singer's muscular bod. But nothing says "yummy" to me like

  • A juicy, tender burger will sauteed onions and mushrooms, gooey swiss cheese, crisp lettuce and sweet, succulent tomatoes, with salty fries and ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • A chewy, moist, dense, rich, dark, chocolatey brownie topped with rich, creamy, sweet vanilla ice cream with rich, thick, creamy caramel syrup rolling off the sides and crunchy, salty slivers of almonds and a rich, sweet, red cherry on the top;
  • A truffle from Annette's Chocolates, with dark, silky-smooth heavenly chocolate enrobing a bubbly, tart, pungent, champagne center;

Can you tell that I've had issues with overeating, weight, and healthy eating? I grew up having ice cream every day. The only vegetable I ever ate was potatoes and the only fish I ever had was breaded and fried. I'll always think foods like that are yummy. If that's yummy, yummy can also mean deadly. Over the years I've had to rethink what yummy is. Yummy doesn't have to mean fatty, salty, processed, heavy. Yummy is also fresh, light, healthy, natural. Yummy is also

  • A juicy, tender veggie burger will sauteed onions and mushrooms on whole-wheat bread, no cheese, crisp lettuce and sweet, succulent tomatoes and ketchup and mustard;
  • Crisp, crunchy, sweet, colorful red and yellow peppers and carrots with a hearty, creamy, tangy ranch or hummus dip;
  • Sweet, crusty, bread dipped into thick, creamy, smoky, sweet, split green pea and ham soup;
  • A hot, steaming, bubbling baked dish of succulent, dark, colorful raspberries and blueberries and cherries, a touch of orange juice, a sprinkle of Splenda, with light whipped cream.

I'm happy to say that my kids, who love pizza, chicken nuggets and hotdogs, also think these foods are yummy, and will happily gobble them up any day. They are growing up with a much better idea of what yummy is -- yummy for the tastebuds and the body at the same time.


Regina said...

Good for you, Bongga Mom! I think both your lists are full of yumminess, and like I always say, everything in moderation! Although I would probably have a hard time moderating myself with that that dark chocolate brownie! Yum!

Faith said...

All this talk about food makes me very hungry. I think I will not follow my diet this weekend:)

Rena said...

Yes! Oh so yummy! Good job getting your kids to think that healthy is yummy too!

Liza on Maui said...

Yep, I think of food too when I hear the word YUMMY. Now I am hungry after reading your post :)

Thanks for the compliment on my kiddos :)

JHS said...

Oh, now I have to have split pea soup because its rainy and nasty here & it's perfect on a day like this.

Thanks for inspiring me.

(Off to see if I have soup starter . . . )

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Sounds like we've made a similar progression. I love all those things in your first list as that's all I was used to eating, but I've made a big change in the past few years--and my body just loves it. I'm so happy that if I am blessed with children, they'll be aware of all kinds of food from an early age. Now where's that burger?! Yummm.....

gautami tripathy said...

Mouth watering yummy post!

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paris parfait said...

OK, now I'm really hungry, after reading your delightful post (and I just finished dinner)!

Anonymous said...

Ack, now I am hungry! Delicious (and thoroughly yummy) post.