Big boy pants!

For this week's Love Thursday photo, I really wanted to show how much my sons love their new big boy underwear. They finished toilet training in early January and putting underpants on still gives them a thrill. The ones in the photo are their very favorites.

But as I was about to post the photo, I thought, hang on, this is a photo of two cute little boys, naked except for their underwear. Prime material for pedophiles. This photo could possibly find its way into websites that contain all sorts of sick perversions of love. So I decided to cut their faces out. But I had to leave their smile, because their smile says it all.

I love my boys, and I'm very proud of them, but I also want to protect them. Did I do the right thing, should I not have posted this at all, or am I overreacting?


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell you this... my son has been toilet trained for more than a year now, and he STILL loves his underwear!! seriously! he is OBSESSED with it. when we put away the laundry, we must leave his underwear out so he can pack it away himself. And he also has to pick out the ones he wants to wear himself. And... if anyone gifts him underwear (grandma, mostly) he is estatic!! :)

cute boys!!

dillyweed said...

the picture is fine. I always wonder the same things when i post semi-naked pictures online of our son.. but then I think, if someone out there is looking for pictures of little boys in underwear, he can find them in the JCPenny's catalog too, so what's my big worry? ;)
p.s. at what age did you start potty training with the boys? My little one is 20 months and seems interested (if not mostly for the flush handle on the toilet and the jelly beans he gets if/when he sits and tries to go)... and I wonder.