Halloween Costumewatch 2011: 3Po

Next up on Halloween Costumewatch is 3Po. He decided to be a ninja this year, which is awesome, because a couple of years ago my sister gave us her kids' old ninja outfits. It has been many years since I have been able to force convince my kids to wear the Halloween costumes I want them to wear, so these ninja outfits have been sitting in storage, just in case, and I was about to give them away. Fortunately I didn't, and one of them fit 3Po just right.

But the outfit was just a plain black robe, pants and hood, so I had to make a few changes to give it some pizzazz. I purchased half a yard of red fabric and cut a thick red sash to tie around his waist. The ninja outfit came with three ninja stars, which I sewed onto the front of the sash. Kids are not allowed to bring toy weapons with their Halloween costumes to school, so they've become a sash decoration. I also cut thinner strips of red material and criss-crossed them over his calves. I'm not really sure how this helps ninjas become more ninja-like, but all the ninja outfits we saw in Halloween costume catalogs had them, so we followed suit.

3Po loves his Halloween outfit, and I love the fact that it cost me just $3 for the red cloth.

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