Easter Bunny photos through the years

We used to make a big deal out of Easter when the kids were small. Every year, we would attend multiple egg hunts -- community egg hunts, egg hunts at friends' homes, egg hunts at our home.  At some of the bigger events, they would get to see the Easter Bunny, and they would treat him like a big celebrity.  But for some reason, I never made a big deal out of Easter Bunny photos. The Easter Bunny was not a big part of my childhood and I've always found him a bit creepy (as you can tell from the photo below, Baby Pea agrees with me).

A delicious secret: our local pop-up patisserie

pop up pastry bakery

Alfie always says I'm terrible at noticing things that are right under my nose. I'm always the last to realize when it's raining, when the milk has run out, or when he cuts his hair (to be fair, he keeps his clipper set at 1/8 inch and cuts it twice a week). The same goes for restaurants: they come and go in our local downtown area, and I'm never the wiser. I certainly never would have noticed the long line for the best pop-up patisserie ever had I not run into a friend one weekend morning. She invited me to come along for the best pastries in the Bay Area. With a description like that, how could I resist?

25 Easter Egg fillers for teens and adults

Easter is just 1 week away! Now that the kids are teenagers, we no longer attend Easter Egg hunts, but we still like to keep the celebration going with our own egg hunts in our back yard. Easter Egg fillers graduated from candy and stickers and erasers to Lego minifigs, dollar coins, and Disney trading pins.  There are lots of teen and grown-up trinkets that can fit into an Easter Egg!  Who says the little kids get to have all the fun?! Here are some ideas for Easter Egg fillers that grownups will love: