Back to life, back to blogging

As you know, it has been a crazy couple of years. What with The Pea going off to college, the arrival of our new family member Tiny Tim, our neighbors starting construction, and my workload at school and at Gamble taking off, I never seemed to get the blog going. Then 2020 arrived. My dad passed away, and I got COVID at a time when people barely knew what it was and it was almost shameful to admit it. Then the world shut down. 

Fast forward to now, and it feels like things are finally looking up. We finally got COVID vaccines and boosters, and the world has slowly been opening up. We just came back from a trip to the UK, our first flight in 2 years. It was stressful as heck, and we had some COVID scares along the way, but it's good to be back out in the world. 

One of my New Year's resolutions is to try and get this blog started back up, for a number of reasons. First, it's still a great way for me to share with loved ones what is going on with my life. Second, it's a great way for me to make and keep notes on our favorite things to do and places to go. Third, this is still a great way to keep my freelance writing career up and running! I'm thinking of it as a marketing tool, a way to showcase my awesome writing skills and book some writing gigs.. and as always, I am open to sponsored posts :) 

I know blogging in the age of the Instagram and Tiktok influencer is for oldies, but that's okay. I *am* an oldie. And I know I'm never going to publish the number of blog posts that I did in the 2000's and 2010's, but that's okay. I'm a lot busier nowadays anyway. My focus is going to be on quality, not quantity. If there's anything the last few years have taught me, it is that you should seize the day, spend time with the ones you love, and do the things you love.