Halloween Costumewatch 2011: Jammy

In past years I've done blog posts about how I've decorated the house up for Halloween, but this year, for the first time in almost 10 years, I haven't done much decorating inside the house. Other than a few candles, tablecloth runners and wall hangings, I decided to focus on the front yard. Okay, it's a lot more than most households ever do, but if you've seen the inside of our home in past years you'll agree it's looking pretty bare. Since I don't have anything photo-worthy inside the house to blog about (I'll post photos of our front yard soon), I've decided to showcase what each of us is wearing for Halloween, starting with Jammy.

Jammy was actually the last person to decide what he wanted to be for Halloween, but his was the first costume to be ready, since all we had to do was enter a Halloween store. He wanted to be some kind of grim reaper, but these days there are a ton of variations on the character. There's the regular Grim Reaper, with a black hood and cape and scythe. There's one with a white "Scream" mask. There's one with a white mask that "bleeds" when you pump fake blood into it. There's one with a skeleton mask. One with a skeleton ghoul mask. And so on. Jammy's version is the regular Grim Reaper, with a twist -- he's got glowing red eyes beneath the hood. I think he looks like a Jawa from Star Wars, but in the dark, those glowing eyes really look cool.

The secret? Two battery-operated lights attached to a glasses-like contraption that Jammy wears underneath the hood. Personally I doubt if Jammy is going to stay under that hood the whole night -- it's too stifling and suffocating -- but personally, I think those glasses look just as creepy. Who would have thought the Grim Reaper was a fan of Elton John?

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