Halloween Costumewatch 2011: The Pea

This year, The Pea and her best friend decided to wear matching costumes for Halloween. After lots of flipping through catalogs and flip-flopping over choices (the most notable being the one that left me with two yards of leopard-print cloth and cemented my own decision to be a cavewoman this year), they chose characters from Alice in Wonderland: the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. Sort of. Here's what the costumes look like:

Hmmm. I'm not a big fan of sexy tween girl costumes, but these seemed decent enough. It's not unlike the costumes they wear at their dance performances, and if you take away the crazy patterns, it's pretty much what girls their age wear all the time -- tank top, skirt, leggings. What convinced me to give The Pea the green light was that she and her friend decided to sew their costumes themselves. I thought it would make a great project for them and give them a chance to practice the sewing skills they learned over the summer at fashion camp.

The girls bought plain tank tops and tulle skirts from Justice. They sewed the stripes and diamonds on the front by themselves, as well as the ribbon on the hem of the skirt. The Pea got her little hat from Target, and her friend got her cat ears and tail on Amazon. They are wearing regular black leggings underneath.

I'm quite proud of the job The Pea has done. I did help her out with the hat, sewing on some matching tulle ribbon to give it a bit more pizzaz. She whitened her face for the photo, but it's too light to make an impact; I may have to help her with the face paint to really get that Mad Hatter look. She also needs a little bow tie for her neck, but otherwise, the costume is complete. I wonder if she realizes she's going to have to hide it under a warm jacket on Halloween night!

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