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I get it. You agree that breast cancer research is an important cause, and you want to help. You want to donate money, but money is tight. There are so many important causes, and it's hard to choose. Believe me, I get it. That's why I'm willing to jump through hoops for sponsors who are willing to donate money to the cause. Fortunately, many sponsors don't require an arm and a leg-- just eyeballs. Many companies will make a donation to a good cause -- in this case, breast cancer research -- in exchange for a Facebook "like", a tweet, or a click on a link.

Here are three ways you can help the breast cancer cause without donating money of your own, courtesy of

* Join the Pink Ribbon Army on Facebook has created a Facebook badge application called The Pink Ribbon Army. At this point, The Pink Ribbon Army has over 200,000 fans -- and when they reach their goal of 1 million members, will donate $25,000 to the Mayo Clinic for breast cancer site research. To give Facebook users an incentive to spread the word, they will receive a free Pink Ribbon pin when they post the badge on their home page, and a free Pink Ribbon bracelet when they recruit ten friends to the Pink Ribbon Army.

* Click once a day, every day
Go to home page and click on the pink button to generate money towards free mammograms. The money is paid for by site sponsors (after you click, you'll be taken to a page listing the sponsors), and 100% of fees from site sponsorship goes to paying for mammograms. You can click once per day, 365 days a year.

* Sign a petition
Sometimes it's not about money, but about making your voice heard. You've heard it before -- write your congressman, write your senator, write your mayor so they know which issues are important to you! Petitions are the lifeblood of democracy, so put your voice to good use on behalf of breast cancer. has sponsored a number of petitions that you can add your name to if you think it's a cause worth supporting. I like the petition that asks state insurance regulators not to allow insurance companies to restrict access to mammograms, and the petition that seeks to make sure that women who undergo mastectomies can stay in the hospital longer than 24 hours.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with The Breast Cancer Site. I received no compensation for this post. The views and opinions are my own.

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