The worst road in the world

This is a photo of a street that Alfie takes every single day to go to work. When I used to work in an office, I also drove down this street every day. I still use this road quite a bit; it's the most direct route from our home to the highway (the southbound direction, at least).

We hate this road.

It's long (it takes exactly 6 minutes for us to cross at 25 mph). It's full of stop signs. It's boring. Most of all, it's riddled with cracks, potholes and metal sheets covering more cracks and potholes. I swear, some of those potholes are bigger than some apartments in Manhattan. Every time I drive on it, I imagine the van's suspension breaking down, bit by bit.

The city recently completed some kind of infrastructure project on this road that took a few months and drove us crazy with all the detours. If there's anything worse than driving on this road, it's expecting to drive on this road and then finding out we can't. And frankly, the road doesn't look any better than it did before the improvements started! I thought I was done with third world roads, but apparently not. Hey, elections are coming up.... maybe the roads will improve then?

Had enough? You can go to my Silicon Valley Mamas post for more bitching and moaning about the state of our roads.

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