How to take a decent passport photo

passport photos

Makeup: $0 (30 minutes)

Blowout at Drybar:  $35 (1 hour)

Instant passport photos at Walgreens or CVS:  $12 for 2 (5 minutes)

Practice-smile session in front of the bathroom mirror: $0 (10 minutes)

passport photos selfie bonggamom

Finally having a passport photo that doesn't make you look like a criminal:  Priceless.
passport photos

Of course, now, whenever I fly international, I'll have to fix my hair and put on a face, otherwise the TSA won't recognize me!

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the blowout tip! I never thought of that. I'm due for passport renewal and I'll make sure my hair is presentable.

Love your latest passport photo and your younger passport pics. But I was laughing when you surprised me with your "mug shot".