My 1000th post

Oh my gosh! I was about to write a second post about last week's tour of the Disney Wonder when I glanced at my Blogger dashboard and noticed the post count: 999. So this is my 1000th post on Finding Bonggamom! Naturally, I quickly scrapped my Disney Wonder post (don't worry, I'll get back to it) in favor of something more commemorative....

... except I don't really want to get all deep and emotional about it. I suppose I could look at One Thousand Posts as a milestone, a chance to reflect on the changes blogging has brought to my life, and how I've grown since them. Oddly enough, the fact that blogging has changed my life so completely is the reason I don't want to make a Big Deal out of One Thousand Posts. It's just a number. Blogging has become as regular and necessary to me as breathing. I am grateful for blogging like I'm grateful for my lungs, but I don't really feel like writing pages and pages of prose to celebrate my 1000th breath.

So before my natural tendency for overly-lengthy posts takes over, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for bearing with me through these thousand posts. My next post will be 1001, and like Scheherazade, I'm hoping I've entertained / inspired / you enough that you want me to keep going.

Some post trivia:

* I wrote 30 posts in 2006 (I started in November), 272 posts in 2007, 228 in '08, 215 in 2009, and 188 in 2010. So far, including this one, I've done 40 posts for 2011. I'm defending the annual decrease in posts by pointing out the increase in posts on Bonggamom Finds -- but seeing those numbers makes me determined to reach at least 200 posts for 2011.

* Currently I have 88 post tags. The tags with the most posts are about me (166 posts), photos (122), kids (102), funny stuff (105) and bongga stuff (100). I'm not the most diligent about tagging all my posts properly, but since most of the posts are "about me", I like to think that I'm staying true to the initial impetus for starting Finding Bonggamom -- that search for the individual, fabulous "bongga" spirit that may have gotten swallowed up a bit by the drudgeries of parenthood. Of course, half of the second-place tag (photos) is about my kids, and the third-place tag is kids, so I'm definitely a mommy blogger. Blogging about my kids and parenting is always going to be a part of me. And I'm okay with that.

* According to Sitemeter, I've had just over 100,000 unique visitors to this blog since I started counting in January 2007.

* According to the stats on my Blogger dashboard, my post with the most page views, by far, is a post with a photo of Jammy's Leprechaun trap. Go figure. The other top posts have to do with Disneyland, Dora the Explorer, The Eighties and pot smoking moms.

* Speaking of that pot smoking moms post, it continues to be one of my more controversial posts. It only has 16 comments, but I've had to delete several comments with lots of profane language (I did not delete any posts disagreeing with me or insulting me, as long as the comment didn't contain any cussing). Many people have taken offense at the post's judgmental nature. One of these days I will get around to writing a response to that post!

* In 2007, gas prices were at $3.41 per gallon of 87-octane. Now it's at $4.20 per gallon. It's a piece of trivia that has nothing to do with my blogging, but I wanted to mention it because I'm so pissed that gas prices are so high.

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