My Treasures

I've never been sappy about homemade gifts and cards, but this year's Mother's Day loot reduced me to a watery puddle. The kids really made a huge effort in making their Mother's Day presents, and everything they wrote on their cards rang with sincerity. Even though I know I'm not the best mom ever, I'm grateful they think I am (at least some of the time).

For Mother's Day, The Pea wrote me this poem:

Love at Night

If you were the moon
And I were the stars
I'd orbit around you till we get to Mars.
Then I'd do it again
Fast, like space cars.

If you were an owl
And I were the night
I'd wrap around you, all snuggly and tight.

I love you.

Jammy wowed us all with his origami prowess, presenting me with a menagerie of origami animals (including the mother-baby penguin in the photo above) and one perfect white origami iris.

3Po made me a card and drew all of his Webkinz animals, gathered together to wish me a Happy Mother's Day (he even drew a Webkinz trademark at the back). It was the cutest thing. But his best present was yet to come. After dinner, I broke open my Mother's Day fortune cookie, only to find that there was no fortune inside the cookie. So 3Po rushed to the kitchen and came back moments later, claiming that my fortune had fallen on the floor and he had picked it up. Here's what he gave me:

(To fully appreciate all the sweet thoughts and wishes 3Po was sending my way, you have to know that for the past two months I've been suffering from a painful plantar wart and an even more painful, blistery medication to remove it).

How can you not love these kids?

Here's hoping all the mothers in the world had a Mother's Day as great (and lucky) as mine!

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