Wordless Wednesday: The Grapes of Wrath

Today I promise to be less wordy with my Wordless Wednesday post than I was last week. Here's a photo of Alfie admiring the grapes during our Napa weekend in August.


And here's a photo of Alfie doing the very same thing, nine years ago.
Not much has changed since then. Okay, maybe the hair is a bit sparser and shorter, but he's still my Alfie.

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Gattina said...

That will make a good wine !

Sandie said...

What fun to have similar shots, nine years apart! (Not to mention multiple trips to Napa!)

Southern Bella's Big Daddy said...

That's funny my family does the same thing with our Disney pictures every year we get some that are almost exactly like the previous years photos. Happy WW!

Neptunebaby said...

Great pics! He hasn't changed a bit :) Happy WW!