Gratitude Challenge: Day 16: 5 Things I like about Myself

When they stand in front of a mirror, most women focus on the parts that they hate, and I'm no exception. There's always something to suck in, something to cover up, something to camouflage. Today I straightened up, squared my shoulders (okay, I did tuck my tummy in) and focused on 5 Body Parts that I love:

1) My eyes
My eyes are brown, with tiny flecks of green. You have to stare really hard into my eyes to see the green, so nobody really knows they're there. But it's like wearing smoking hot leopard-print underwear; I know they're there, and that's enough.

2) My lips
I never really thought about my lips until someone told me they were perfect and sexy as hell. After that line, of course, I simply had to marry him.

3) My cheekbones
I have no illusions about looking like a model, but you always read about models having high cheekbones, so in that respect, at least, it's nice to be in good company.

4) My shoulders
My shoulders are broad and square, which I'm thankful for because I never ever had to use shoulder pads. Now I can look back at those photos in the 80's when everyone wore shoulder pads and revel in the fact that I didn't look too ridiculous.

5) My boobs
In this breast-obsessed, bigger-is-better, Barbie-doll-boob world, you'd think I'd be secretly longing for D or C cups. Or B cups. But I'm actually fine with having small breasts. The age-and-breastfeeding-induced-droopiness is another matter altogether. And I suppose it would be nice to have boobs bigger than a twelve-year--old's. Ok, maybe this breast size thing is a work in progress, but on the whole I'm happy with what I have.

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