Gratitude Challenge: Day 20

Dear Bonggamom,

First of all, I apologize that this note is coming to you via your blog, rather than on a notecard like the instructions say. But you know yourself, and you know that you're probably not going to get around to mailing the note until a week from now, so this way is quicker. And be honest, you know you want to save that cute Tiny Prints notecard for another occasion. Besides, people might want to know what it is you're taking away from the Gratitude Challenge. So, for the record, here are some things you told yourself you want to remember from these last 20 days:

* There's always a bright side. You just have to look for it. And if you can't find one, make one up. At least it'll make you laugh.

* Take your cue from your kids. If they're looking at you with solemn, scared eyes, it's time to take a step back, remind yourself that they're good kids at heart, and ask yourself if you're blowing things out of proportion.

* If your kids are laughing with delight, stop doing whatever it is you're doing, start doing whatever it is they're doing, and be grateful that you still have time left before they won't let you do whatever it is they're doing along with them.

* Everybody likes to be told Thank You. Everybody likes to be appreciated. Even yourself.

Whenever you're having a crappy day, don't forget to give yourself a slap in the face (it brings blood into your cheeks and makes them all rosy) and read this post!


PS: you're looking quite pretty today.

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