Gratitude Challenge: Day 21

You know how you have to give a kid a new food, like, 1 skillion times before he acquires a taste for it? How you have to practice before you can ride a two-wheeler or swim a lap? After 21 days of doing the Gratitude Challenge, I've come to realize that gratitude is a bit like that; it gets easier with practice. Once you get on a roll, you find things to be grateful for all around.

For example, yesterday, Day 21 of the Gratitude Challenge, was a very ordinary day. But if I think back on yesterday with that Attitude of Gratitude, yesterday becomes a day filled with happiness and good fortune. I can easily find 21 things to be grateful for on Day 21:

1) I'm grateful that Alfie did breakfast duty so I was able to sleep in.

2) I'm grateful that he gave me the very last cup of our favorite greek yogurt.

3) I'm grateful that my kids put all their breakfast dishes into the sink.

4) I'm grateful that the fridge doesn't stink anymore.

5) I'm grateful that the dirty laundry hamper is finally empty (for now).

6) I'm grateful that I was able to finish writing two product reviews.

7) I'm grateful that I didn't break any bones or sprain any ankles when I fell off the Shred Sled for the first time. All I bruised were my wrist, my butt, and my ego.

8) I'm grateful we have so many computers in the house, so the kids were able to play computer games, Alfie was able to study, and I was able to blog, all at the same time.

9) I'm grateful for the extreme heat -- it was so hot that Alfie and I decided not to heat up the house any further by turning on the stove, and head out for an evening at the mall instead.

10) I'm grateful for the cool Lincoln MKT that the Ford Company loaned me to test-drive this weekend. The kids enjoy riding in it so much that they didn't whine about having to go shopping at all.

11) I'm grateful that I had the Gratitude Challenge Flip video camera with me so my kids could amuse themselves while Alfie and I tried on some jeans.

12) I'm grateful that I only had to try on 2 pair of jeans before I jound the perfect pair.

13) I'm grateful that I actually found the perfect pair.

14) I'm grateful that a random stranger handed Alfie a coupon for 30% off a pair of Lucky jeans, saving us $30.

15) I'm grateful that we could afford the other $70 so I could buy the perfect pair of jeans.

16) I'm grateful that my kids love sushi, so we were able to eat a healthy dinner at the mall food court.

17) I'm grateful that there was only a small mess in the kids' bedroom to clean up.

18) I'm grateful that the kids are now at the stage where they actually do the cleaning up.

19) I'm grateful that even though we couldn't find a babysitter, Alfie said he'd stay home with the kids so I could get dress up and drop by our friend's end-of-summer party, just to say hi.

20) I'm grateful that I knew enough people at the party to enjoy myself so much that I actually stayed way longer than I had planned.

21) I'm grateful that I didn't stay long enough to be there when the cops showed up (although that would have been interesting, it's been a long time since I've been to a party where the cops were called).

It's not just an Attitude of Gratitude, it's a Habit-ude of Gratitude.

Don't worry, I won't turn into Pollyanna and be all sweetness and light. I won't blog every day about how lucky I am. But I'll be thinking it, and if this keeps on, I think I'll be a lot happier for it. Hopefully, it'll be like learning to bike or swim in one more way: once you learn how to do it, you never forget.

It goes without saying that I'm incredibly grateful to have been included in the Tiny Prints Gratitude Challenge: Take Note, Give Thanks.

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