Grab Me!

Don't worry, there's no groping required. This is just an invitation to everyone to come and grab my new Bonggamom Finds button. After eighteen months of posting reviews and giveaways there, I've finally gotten around to creating one that I'm happy with.

I know, I know, I still need to get one for Finding Bonggamom. I'm not quite satisfied with my initial attempt at creating one; after all the feedback I received from Alfie online and from Alfie my friends and loved ones, I'm determined to come up with a better one. But for now, here's the Bonggamom Finds button, all ready for you to post on your own blogs. Because you know you've got to have Bonggamom on your blogroll, right? Feel free to grab away (but be kind, I'm ticklish).

Bonggamom Finds

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