In which the spirit of Andrew Zimmern posseses my kids

I remember when The Pea would eat nothing but macaroni and cheese. And when the boys would eat nothing but meat. Alfie and I persevered, serving a variety of foods and insisting they try, try,try. And baby, we've come a long way. Case in point:

See these little insects? They're crickets. See the orange dayglo substance on their little chests? That's cheese powder. Yup, these are Bacon-N-Cheese flavored crickets, all nice and crunchy for you to munch on. Not ground up so you don't know what they are; these are the real, whole deal (okay, a couple of legs and wings did break off in transit).

The Bizarre Foods show on the Travel Channel sent us a couple of boxes of edible crickets to try. I thought the kids would run screaming and call social services, but they surprised me. I think the spirit of Andrew Zimmern must have been in the box along with the crickets. Actually, it was his DVD of Bizarre Foods season 3 (Season 4 airs its penultimate episode tomorrow night; you should watch it). After watching it and seeing all the stuff that Andrew eats, everyone was eager and willing to try the crickets.

Yes, even when their beady little eyes stared at us and pleaded to be given a decent burial, or at least be added to a bug collection like most other normal families would do.

That's my little omnivore! And if you think they're just faking it, watch the video:

Do you want to win some of these edible crickets to serve at your next cocktail party? Or to share at the office? Go to my Bizarre Foods giveaway post on Bonggamom Finds. Bon Appetit, y'all.


Kim Moldofsky said...

Hilarious! Um, I'll pass on the giveaway, though. What a unique promotion for a unique show.

2KoP said...

My husband owns a pet store and every year he gets some form of edible bug at his trade show (usually chocolate covered), along with an "I ate a bug" button. Most of my kids have tried them, but I don't remember anyone coming back for seconds.

Robyn - Who's the Boss? said...

OMG, your kids are so brave! I'm not sure if I'm ready for cricket eating in our household.