Last Day of School

Dear 3Po

To you, the Last Day of School doesn't mean much. To you, it's much like any other pickup day, when mama meets you as you exit your classroom and chases you down as you attempt to play one last game of tag with your friends. Maybe you notice a couple of differences. The Last Day is a chance to get a dayglo-orange popsicle to lick. It's a day when you get to take all your artwork home. For you, it's more about that First Day of Summer than the Last Day of School.

But this Last Day is bittersweet to me, because it's truly your last day as a pre-schooler. In September you and your brother will be in kindergarten. You'll be one of the Big Boys now. Your sister won't be able to tease you about not having proper lessons (well, she'll always find something to tease you about). Being a twin gives kindergarten an even greater significance. Now you and your brother will be forging your own, separate identities and going your separate ways.

No doubt I'll feel this way each time you move up a notch in the educational hierarchy, and when you enter college I'll wipe away a tear and laugh at myself for thinking that Kindergarten meant you were now One of the Big Boys. Tomorrow I'll rejoice with you and say I'm so excited you're entering your grade school years. For now, just let me stare at your stained, sticky face and wish you could be my little boy forever.


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Gayle said...

Oh, this is so beautiful! My oldest son is 16 and finishing 10th grade! My daughter is 13, finishing 7th grade, and my youngest son is 11, finishing 6th grade. I feel this every year as the school year ends. Each of my babies is one step closer to being a grown-up, closer to leaving me. So wonderful and so sad.

Anonymous said...

I loved this. - It melted my heart...

Heart of Rachel said...

This a wonderful post. Time really flies and it's amazing how kids grow up so fast. Wishing your boys good luck as they take a step inside the world of grade school.