In which my sons convert to a new religion

A couple of weeks ago, 3Po and Jammy went for a playdate at a friend's house; when I picked them up, they had found a new obsession: Bakugan, a robot/card game. I'm still learning what exactly Bakugan is and how to play it, but all I'm sure of is that they've found a new religion. And yes, religion is the right word, as evidenced by a conversation we had when they were examining their new Bakugan toys:

3Po: Where's the Jesus?
Me: What?
3Po: I can't find the Jesus!
Me: What do you mean, Jesus?
Jammy: You know, Jesus. Jesus is Power!
Me (shaking my head in an attempt to clear my head and understand what they're saying): Say that again?
3Po (very patiently): Jeeeeeezus. Look here, mama, on the other Bakugan it says 480 Jesus.

I grabbbed the Bakugan from him and read what 3Po was pointing to. There, in tiny gold letters, was "480G".

Me: Oh.... 480 Gee's.
Jammy: Yes, Jesus. You know, how much power your Bakugan has. Jesus is Power.


From Bottle to Box said...

OMG that is hilarious. My youngest is a 10 yo boy. He was obsessed with Bakugan last year. He has now moved onto the old Star Trek episodes, but still enjoys a good game of Bakugan with the neighbor boys. I will think of Gs every time I see a Bakugan. Hilarious!!

Jingle said...

HA! LOL! That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

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