Schmoozing and Boozing at the SF Bay Area BlogHer Meetup

This July I'm leaving my babies behind with their daddy for the first time ever for to attend the BlogHer conference in Chicago. I have my conference pass (thanks, Label Daddy!). I have my plane tickets (okay, the flights are crappy but I used airmiles to get the ticket, so I guess a red-eye outbound flight and an inbound flight with a stopover is to be expected). I have my hotel room (thanks, Linsey and Carla !). And most important of all, I've RSVP'd for all the cool BlogHer parties out there!

But when it comes to parties, I'm rusty. The only parties I've attended lately involve jumpy houses, goldfish crackers and birthday cake with disgusting red frosting. So when I was invited by Elisa to help organize a pre-conference meetup for bloggers around the San Francisco Bay Area, I jumped at the chance. Hooray, a warmup! A way to ease into the party circuit! And on a more serious note, a way to get to know more people before I actually go. Even though I'm not a total newbie, I can still see myself hiding away in a corner during some cocktail party, holding a drink and pretending I'm waiting for my BFF or smiling at my cellphone, hoping people will think I'm reading and responding to a particularly witty Tweet on my iPhone. I figured organizing it would be an easy way to make conversation ("Hi! Let me take those olives, we've got a nice bowl for them").

SF BlogHer Meetup 09
Thanks to the lovely @lizhenry for hosting our little shindig! (I shamelessly borrowed this photo from @rbucich's Flickr Photostream)

Much to my relief (Yay! they're not directing my email to their spam folders!), the SF Bay Area BlogHer meetup was well attended, with thirty or so (I didn't count and I must have had a pitcher of sangria, so my estimate might be off) bloggers coming together to meet, mingle and enjoy. Liz Henry gamely volunteered her home, and everyone really came through with the best nosh ever. I was so worried we'd end up with potato chips, some wine and lots of paper plates, but the tables were overflowing with goodies like these:

I brought my macro lens by mistake, so the only decent shots I could get were of the food. And it was definitely photo-worthy. Check out the gigantic chocolate truffles from!

I'm really not good at cocktail hours and small talk, so I didn't expect to have so much fun, and the feeling had nothing to do with the wine or the sangria. It was well past the cocktail hour when we finally broke up, and even then I wasn't ready to go home. Good Lord, but bloggers are interesting people! I got to talk and laugh with old blogger friends like Kim, Nicole, Lia and Stefania. I got to meet BlogHer rock stars like Jory, Elisa , Liz and Lisa, as well as some great bloggers like Rick, Abi, Meggan and Lorraine. And I got my party mojo back.

SF BlogHer Meetup 09
Yours truly eagerly waiting for @jonesabi to finish pouring a drink for @citymama. I want some white sangria, dammit! (I shamelessly borrowed this photo from @rbucich's Flickr Photostream)

BlogHer, I'm ready for you!

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kimberly/tippytoes said...

Hey, so you got a ticket from Label Daddy? Don't make me feel so bad about Yahoo! because you scored too!

By "waiting for my BFF" do you mean me? Because we will be all over the scene again this year! The best parties *need* us! ;)

Thanks for all your work to make the meet up happen!

Denise said...

Thanks so much for helping with the organization for this meet up! It sounds like everyone had a blast.

See you in Chicago soon!

Jessica R. said...

I'm SO there too and I'm not letting you sit in the corner tweeting about all the fun you should be having.
But stick close to Kimberly, she sniffs out swag like no one I've ever met. ;-)

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama said...

I just got my conference reg squared away and am waiting for the word about the DC area meetup. Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Unknown said...

i will be there too--and i'm very nervous about the party-attending!