Fridays Feast

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest) how much do enjoy watching sports on television?
If it's the Olympics or the World Cup, then it's a 10. Otherwise, it's a 7 for a really good football or soccer game, a 5 for most other sports, and a zero for baseball and fly-fishing.

If you could completely memorize any one work of fiction, which one would you pick?
Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham. Hang on, I've already memorized it.

What is your favorite breakfast food?
My favorite healthy breakfast food is yogurt, but my favorite breakfast indulgence is longganisa (Filipino sausages), scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice.

Main Course
Name something fun you can do for less than $10.00.
You're looking at a very cheap date here, I can think of a lot of things! Here are 3: go to a movie, stroll through a street festival and take your kids shopping at a dollar store.

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
I don't know, I'm asleep before I get a chance to time it.

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tegdirb92 said...

I love your soup!! I-AM-SAM, SAM I AM. Have a great Friday.

sasha said...

Hahahah we love the same breakfast, bongga mom! :)

Happy Friday :) Added you to my links, by the way. I hope it's ok :)

Gattina said...

Good answer on your Dessert, lol ! It is a rather silly question.

Paul and Toni said...

i love longganisa too! and we have the same dessert! great feast!

Hootin'Anni said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, a walk through a street festival. I like that answer.

Happy feasting.

Manny said...

Great feast! I like to have longganisa for breakfast once in a while, but it's too greasy for every day.

Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said...

The Dollar Store! Great idea. My mother-in-law used to take the kids there and they loved it. They got all kinds of junk that kept them busy for hours.

My feast is served!

Gill said...

I want to try longganisa! Don't suppose I'll find any in South Africa though. Great feast, have a good weekend :-)

Mommy the Maid said...

Your salad sounds amazing!

Frances said...

Hi Bongga!
Ten bucks buys a lot of great stuff at the dollar store.
Thanks for swinging by.

Frances said...

Hi Bongga!
Ten bucks buys a lot of great stuff at the dollar store.
Thanks for swinging by.

Lady of Musotopia said...

Wow - they have fly-fishing on TV? I'd put a zero for that too!
Great choice of soup - gosh, it's been years since I last read that :)
Thanks for sharing your feast and also stopping to share mine - I hope you're having a lovely weekend :)