Sunday Scribblings: Hair

With this week's Sunday Scribblings' Hair prompt, I couldn't pass up a chance to reflect upon one of the mysteries in my life, namely my daughter's hair. As you can see from the above photo, Pea's blonde hair is as different from the twins' dark brown heads as night and day. See, I'm a Filipina with dark brown hair and Alfie is English with light brown hair (his hair was white-blonde as a child but it darkened). Even though my mother, who is part Spanish, is quite fair, we expected the laws of the dark-haired dominant gene to apply. We expected all our kids to have the coloring that 3Po and Jammy do. But we got Pea.

I'll never forget the day she was born, when I was huffing and puffing and struggling to push her out of the birth canal; Pea's head was just beginning to crown when my obstetrician and the nurses suddenly exclaimed, "She's blonde!". I was delirious with pain and ignored it at first, but they finally convinced me to take a mirror and see for myself.

In the six years since The Pea was born, I've gotten used to the sidelong glances and inquiries, "Is she with you?"; "Is she your daughter?"; "Oh, she's your daughter!". So many people comment and compliment her on her fairness that I'm worried she's starting to think that dark coloring is somehow undesirable! She recently told me she didn't want to go to the Philippines for vacation because she was afraid she would get dark. I gently told her we would do everything we could to keep her skin from burning in the hot sun, but having dark coloring is just as beautiful as being fair, and many fair people actually wish they were a little darker. I told her that in all likelihood, her hair would darken as she grew older.

Well, we've been waiting for it to darken for six years, and it hasn't happened yet.

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Jen B said...

Oh my goodness, I went through the same thing but with red. My first born was a bright red head! It did eventually turn dark but its red highlights show up in the
My youngest is as white as a ghost...we have to use spf 40 or he burns to a crisp. His father is still waiting for his hair to darken like his parent's...still blond...LOL Who understands genetics? LOL

Rob Kistner said...

Hair will be what hair will be...

I've had three children, and one was blond for several years, one was black initially, the other was bald that came in a sort of brown. They all eventually because auburn heads, like their old man -- when I had hair... ;)

I enjoyed your post, and the photo of some really happy kids!

~Michelle~ said...

This is such a cute photo! They look like they are having such a fun time!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kids.

And who can question the weird workings of DNA?


tintin said...

I am so glad for you. You're taking the kids to the Philippines!

Yes, I am wondering what my daughter in the belly will look like too. Woody has a green-eyed and blonde grandfather and I have Spanish blood somewhere.

Variety is the spice of life, isn't it?

deedee said...

My two girls are very different from eachother, too. Nobody believes that they are sisters, or sometimes think that they are adopted, until they see us, their parents. One girl looks like me and the other like my Italian/Armenian husband.

Genetics are funny, but your kids are darling!

Gill said...

My two daughters don't look at all alike either - strange how genes work!! Rox was white blonde when she was a toddler and now has dark brown hair, so Pea's could still change, you never know. Love the photo!

Quirkygirl said...

You never know what you get from couples of mixed races. My husband is part German, I'm Filipina and our kid looks Chinese! What gives?

But your kids are ALL adorable.