Just Say Yes!

Jammy is talking to his grandparents on the phone......

Grandparents: Blah..blah..blah... (grandparents say something on the phone, obviously asking Jammy a question)

Jammy, responding in the affirmative: nods silently

Alfie, beside Jammy: No Jammy, they can't see you nodding, you have to say it out loud.

Jammy: Nana, I'm nodding.

(and for the rest of the conversation, instead of answering Yes to his grandparents' questions, Jammy would say, "I'm nodding").


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

I like this. I think I'm going to use it from now on :)

Jen B said...

LOL, that's so cute. My son, when he was really little, thought that there was a tiny person living inside the receiver...LOL