What's in my bag?

I've been meaning to post something like this for the longest time... now the good folks over at Maya's Mom have given me the perfect incentive with this week's Maya's Mom Photo Challenge.

A: Here is my everyday tote bag. In it, I keep.....
B: receipts, flyers and other junk;
C: money, credit cards and ID;
D: a pen;
E: my cellphone;
F: an ultra-compact tote bag so I don't ever have to use plastic shopping bags again;
G: and my car and house keys (not shown in photo, because I'm at home and my keys are somewhere around the house).

As you can see, I'm a bare-bones kind of person. Why, then, do I need such a huge bag? Somehow or other, it always seems to fill up with STUFF, like
H: brushes
I: extra ponytail holders
J: water bottles
K: snacks
L: half-eaten candy
M: extra sweaters
N: kids toys
O: books
P: sunblock
Q: etc...

Stuff like that, just things that come and go each time I leave the house. Only items A through G remain constant. So even though I don't know what extra thing I'm going to be carting around with me, I do know I need the extra space for it.

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Anonymous said...

OK, you are just too organized! :) Nice handbag!