Love, the best medicine

After a spaghetti dinner the other night, Philip was in tears over a cut in his pinkie that was really smarting (tomato sauce on a cut -- ouch!). Note the quivering lower lip and real tears shining in his eyes. Graham took over, inspected the finger quite seriously, and made a big fuss about it.

Fast-forward to five minutes later, and here he is again, in a clean shirt, his mouth washed, with his boo-boo all wrapped up in a band-aid, smiling and clowning around in my glasses. He claims the band-aid made it stop hurting, but I attribute it to the healing power of a daddy's love and attention.

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deedee said...

Nothing like a little tlc to fix a booboo. Happy Love Thursday

Anonymous said...

Awwww, very sweet!

Rachel said...

So cute. I agree with you on the daddy love thing.

PastormacsAnn said...

He's so adorable. Daddy took good care of that hurt finger!

Happy LT.