Bra Sizes

When I receive joke emails, I rarely ever read them (after looking at the subject line, they go straight into my trash folder), much less pass them on. But this one I got from my aunt was so funny that I just had to post it up on this blog. Being an "Almost Boobs" (A) myself, I can certainly relate. Enjoy!

Have you ever wondered why A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, and H are the letters used to define bra sizes? If you have wondered why, but couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, it is about time you became informed!

{A} Almost Boobs...
{B} Barely there
{C} Can't Complain!
{D} Dang!
{DD} Double dang!
{E} Enormous!
{F} Fake
{G} Get a Reduction
{H} Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!

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Liza's Eyeview said...

Too funny. I'm gonna share this with my hubby :)