We're in the news!

Hey, we are now Z-list celebrities! Or rather, our house is the celebrity; it was featured in our local newspaper, the Palo Alto Weekly. And we almost missed it. At kindergarten drop-off today, one of the moms there congratulated us on the article about us in the paper. My first reaction was, "huh?". My second reaction was, "Was it for Silicon Valley Moms Blog? Or my own humble blog?". She had to fill me in: "It was about your remodel". Oh, yeah, thaaaaat article! We had to tear all over town looking for copies of the paper but fortunately found some at the gym and the doctors' office.

The piece is called A Bungalow Refined, and gives an overview of our remodel. For those who don't know, our house looked like this until June 2004:

Then, 9 months later, it looked like this (for nicer photos, see the article):

We met Carol Blitzer, one of the paper's editors, at a party last summer, and she asked if they could feature our house. Naturally, we were quite flattered and said yes. They sent a photographer and a writer over, but we didn't hear back from them. After a month or so of scanning the paper, I figured the article had been rejected and stopped looking out for it. It was quite a nice surprise to see it come out after all!


Peppermint said...

I read the article online! =) Congratulations! Nice house! =)

bonggamom said...

Thanks Erica, come and visit us soon.

Anonymous said...

That is so very cool! I love walking by your house.... you did such an incredible job on the remodel!!!!

Liza on Maui said...

Congratulations! The remodeling was very well done. Nice house!