View our home for $30

Sometime in mid-April, approximately 500-700 strangers will be paying $30 to wander through our house. A day after our home appeared in the local newspaper, we were contacted by the Palo Alto Area Mills College Club. Our home will be one of five featured in the 16th Annual Charming Cottages of Palo Alto House Tour, a benefit for the Palo Alto Area Mills College Club's scholarship fund and alumnae activities.

We're really flattered, but also freaked out by the prospect of vandals or theives, or worse, potential thieves coming into our house and casing the joint before breaking in and robbing us. Flattery won. Anyway, the organizers have an insurance policy for the event, they said they've never had any trouble of that sort, and there isn't anything worth stealing (except for our kids). Also, it's for a good cause. In the late 90's, a co-worker recruited me to volunteer at Mills' College Expanding Your Horizons program. I enjoyed it so much, I went back two more times. So I'm glad to be helping Mills College out.

So watch out for more info in the coming months. I just hope people don't take it upon themselves to sneak a peek inside our medicine cabinet or closet or anything with a closed door. Because all the mess and junk that we've been hiding will come tumbling out!

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Jane said...

I just love those house tours. I haven't done one in a few years but I love to see how people have honored their personal living spaces. For me, my home is my absolute sanctuary. There are so many volunteers for these tours that I wouldn't worry about anything being stolen :) Hope your Monday is off to a good start!