A taste of summer: berry cocktails

I've never been a big alcohol drinker.  I like to say it makes me the perfect date and perfect party companion, because I don't like expensive drinks and you can always count on me as the designated driver.  It's not that I think alcohol is the devil's work or anything, I'm just not overly fond of the taste of alcohol. I find beer too sour, wine too strong and spirits too bitter, but I occasionally enjoy white wine or dessert wine, and I'll happily down sangria and most fruity cocktail drinks.  This berry cocktail, served at the McDonald's Taste of Summer event I attended last week, was tailor-made for me.

Blue Bayou Cocktail

2 oz. premium blueberry vodka
4 oz. blueberry and strawberry puree (prepared)
1 oz. honey, lime & thyme simple syrup
2 oz. ginger ale
Ice to fill Collins glass
Sliced strawberry for garnish

Pour ice into Collins glass and add vodka, puree, simple syrup.
Stir completely, then add splash of ginger ale.
Garnish with strawberry and serve immediately.

Our drink was garnished with a sprig of thyme, which gave it a really interesting (in a good way!) taste.  You can also make it a virgin drink by substituting soda water for the blueberry vodka.

Disclaimer: I attended McDonald's Flavors of Summer event as a guest, with McDonald's providing travel and accomodation. I was not asked to blog about this dish or the event. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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Journey of Life said...

Perfect drink for current perfect weather :-)