What's for lunch?

I wish I could say that all my kids' lunches are this healthy -- garbanzo nuggets, broccoli spears, Snappea Crisps and dried pineapple -- but the truth is, I sometimes pack fairly junky lunches.  Leftover pizza.  Cookies.  Cupcakes.  Halloween candy.  Even (gasp) Lunchables!  Sometimes I was too lazy forget to stock up on healthy foods at the grocery store.  Sometimes I oversleep and resort to prepackaged foods.  Sometimes I just feel like surprising my kids with a treat.  When that happens, I just try to include a fruit or a vegetable, and tell myself I'll make up for it with a more nutritious dinner. Unless we go to In-N-Out :)

Here are some more lunches I packed:

Nutella-lavash bread spirals,  blueberries, cheesy popcorn

Chicken salad sandwich, fruit gummies, chocolate cupcake

PBJ sandwich, sugar snap peas with ranch dip, raspberries

Leftover pizza, kettle corn, nectarine slices

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Asianmommy said...

Mmm...looks good to me!