What's for lunch?

The kids aren't the only ones I pack lunch for; most days Alfie takes a packed lunch to work as well.  He likes it because he can eat while he works through lunch, which lets him leave the office earlier, and I like it because it saves money!  Most days I pack exactly the same lunch for Alfie as I do for the kids -- the only difference is that I leave the juice boxes, yogurt tubes and Dora the Explorer ice blocks out of Alfie's lunch.    One of his favorite lunches is  Branston Pickle and sharp cheddar cheese on buttered white bread; in this photo I served it with cucumber slices and plain chocolate McVitie's Digestive biscuits.  It's a very English lunch, and in case you need translation, "plain chocolate" means dark chocolate, and "biscuits" are cookies.

Here are some other lunches I packed:

 Red pepper slices, carrot sticks and crackers with hummus dip

 Crisp bagel slices with peanut butter, cranberries & popcorn.

 Salami and lettuce on whole wheat, goldfish crackers, and blackberries

Mini cream cheese sandwiches, cherry tomatoes, dried apples.

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Asianmommy said...

I like your checkerboard sandwich--cute idea!