Things I must have for my next party

Last night I attended a friend's birthday party, and even though I didn't know too many people, I had an amazing time.  The celebrant really went out of her way to plan the perfect party -- people were entertained and well-fed, the conversation kept flowing and the smiles were in full force.  She thought of everything!  I made lots of mental notes about all the cool stuff that went on at her party, and added them to my wishlist of attractions for the next party I throw (whenever that may be). Here's my list of "party-tractions" that I think would make any party memorable:

Conversation-worthy decor

A live band so everyone, young and old, can dance

Grownups in costume

Photo booths, preferably with costumes and props

Drinks with glowing ice cubes

Henna tattoo artists...

... and / or mini mani-pedis...

.... and / or  mini spa stations

Chocolate fountains

Indoor slides

Mickey Mouse

What a shindig that would be! Then again, having all of this at my next party would cost the earth, so I might just have to skip them all and just go with the one thing you really need to have a great party:  a bunch of great friends.

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