Aloha Friday - Summer Edition

Yahoo, school's out! It's the first day of summer and I'm so ready to chill. I'm looking forward to long, lazy days when I can let the kids out to play while I plant myself in front of the computer and blog to my heart's content.... but I know that's not going to happen. I have a feeling that between visits to the pool and the library and day trips to the beach or the museum, not to mention summer travel and summer camps, my blog is going to be sadly neglected. So I'm taking charge and making sure I don't let it happen! And just like I join exercise classes to help keep my fitness goals on track, I'm going to make an effort to join some blog memes to keep my blogging goals on track.

And since it's summertime, what better meme to join than Aloha Friday? Aloha Friday is a fun, simple meme from Kailani at An Island Life. Every Friday she asks a simple question on her blog, invites participants to answer her question in the comments section, then invites participants to ask a question of their own on their own blogs. Every day feels like a summer Friday over in Hawaii, so I'm making Aloha Friday one of my summer blogging goals -- to join the meme every Friday until school starts!

My first Aloha Friday question: What are your big summer plans?

This summer is going to be crazy-busy. I've signed the kids up for just a couple of weeks of summer camp, but I bought a family membership to the Oakland Zoo and to Gilroy Gardens so we can visit both places as often as we want. And we have a trip to the UK in the works! While we're there, Alfie and I will sneak away for some couple time in Amsterdam, we're driving down to Paris with the kids, and we're all touring the Cadbury Chocolate Factory. And let's not forget the BlogHer conference in New York! Hmmm, I wonder if we have time to squeeze in a camping trip before school starts....

What about you? Any vacations on the horizon? Any road trips? Will your kids be in the pool or summer school? What are your plans?

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Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Kiddo is signed up for a few VBS's so far. Nothing else really planned. I work part time until noon so mornings are shot. I will try to throw in a museum trip somewhere. We'll probably visit out of town family 1 weekend. Pool and the beach at some point too.