Meet FrankenBear

This has got to be the worst patch job ever. Meet Peanuthead, a small blue teddy that 3Po won at some carnival game in Vegas. When Peanuthead's crotch started to split, 3Po came to me for help. I was too lazy to get the sewing box out, so I got the glue gun (which is right beside the sewing box) and tried to hot-glue the seams together. As you can see, it didn't work. I was forced to sew them together anyway, and the glue just hardened Peanuthead's fur and made it impossible to make fine, delicate stitches. It was like pushing a needle through a plastic plate.

Moral of the story: Do it right the first time. Unless you want your son's teddy to look like he's been eunuched by Frankenstein.

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Baby's Mom said...

Here it is history! Has carried to you with a teddy )