An American Girl Fashion Show

For The Pea's 7th birthday, her grandmother and I took her to an American Girl Fashion Show . Despite the $45 price tag, we naively weren't expecting much; a few nibbles and a nice fashion show in some function room. All I can say is, the folks at American Girl must be secretly tutored (or owned) by Disney, because just like Disney, They. Go. All. Out. In other words, Bongga.

The show was held at the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, an absolutely gorgeous located on the former estate of William Randolph Heart's mother. Driving up the winding road to the clubhouse (note to Bongga Sister, who plans to move to Pleasanton in June: boy, have I got the perfect neighborhood for you to go house-hunting in!), we passed well-manicured lawns and putting greens and pools and fountains that screamed, Money! Class! Don't forget our No-Denim Dresscode!. The parlor room where people picked up their tickets and waited for the show to begin proved to be just as elegant.

The show's main sponsor, Girl Ambition, had a booth with some freebies, cute shirts and a Celebrity Interview station where they interview girls who are willing to get in front of the camera and talk about why they love their American Girl dolls. The Pea and her friend were too shy to volunteer.

There were a few souvenir items for sale, like posters and notebooks and doll outfits with matching girl-sized tshirts. Whyever didn't they sell the matching girl-sized skirt as well? If they had, they could have pried another $15 from our pockets.

They had an assortment of door prizes as well as a separate raffle with some really fabulous things, such as dolls, backpacks and beds. Raffle tickets cost $10 and I never win at raffles, so I decided to resist entertaining the fantasy of paying $10 and winning a Mia doll.

Upon entering the ballroom, each little girl was given a special American Girl goody bag with stickers, a notepad, keepsake book and coloring page (I quickly made a mental note to photocopy it for future "Mama I'm bored" days; click here for the coloring pages). We proceded to our table, gawking and gaping at the beautifully decorated ballroom.

Instead of nibbles, we found quite a substantial lunch at our places (thank goodness we didn't have time to stop at a McDonald's on the way over!).

The fashion show itself was really cute. Models walked the runway dressed to match the American Girl dolls they held in their arms. We saw the well-loved American Girl historical characters like Kaya....



Julie, and all the others.....

.... as well as a bunch of girls in contemporary clothing (The American Girl of Today).

I was totally surprised by what a good show they put on and how much I enjoyed it. A cheapskate like me doesn't usually say this, but it was totally worth the money and I'd pay it again if I had the chance. Look at it this way: people pay $100 for Cirque du Soleil or $40 for The Nutcracker every Christmastime. Your little girl will appreciate this just as much.

Speaking of little girls, The Pea loved it. It was absolutely the perfect birthday present. She was thrilled to dress up and join us and her doll and her best friend and other girls and mums and grans, all dressed up and acting like little ladies. Her table manners were impeccable. She was thoroughly transfixed the entire time. When she saw her own Just Like Me doll appear on the runway in one model's arms, her entire face lit up. And as much as I enjoyed watching the girls on the runway, I preferred watching my own little American Girl.


deedee said...

My seven year old would have loved that outing! My mom sent her an American girl doll with several of the outfits and she spends a lot of time playing with it!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a fantastic outing! If I understand correctly, AG lends out items for the fashion shows for charitable organization fundraisers. Anyway, I wanted to see the coloring pages, but the link just goes to the main page. HELP! Thanks for posting. :)