We heart baby dolls

As far as photo quality goes, this one ranks with the lowest of the low, probably the worst of all my Love Thursday posts. But I couldn't resist featuring it. Alfie's parents recently bought a vintage motorcycle model and the boys were thrilled to find that it was just the right size for their baby dolls, Pansy (in the pink suit) and Jane (on the motorbike). The motorcycle is not a toy, but Alfie let Pansy and Jane ride for 5 precious minutes each.

Yes, 3Po and CleanBoy play with dolls (they used to belong to The Pea but she gave them up so that all 3 could play dollies together). They dress them and serve them tea and make them speak in baby voices to each other and generally love them to death. And I couldn't be happier. It shows they are loving and nurturing human beings. Hopefully the way they treat these dolls will be the way they treat kittens, babies, and other people later on in life.

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Ninotchka said...

I think it's great they play with dolls. And dolls on "hogs": even better! Cute post.

Shalet said...

That's a great sweater on the biker baby! It's great that they all play with dolls. Happy Love Thursday!

bleeding espresso said...

What a great post! I feel the love. Big time :)

jenny said...

I think this is cute! I teach pre-schoolers, and I see a lot of boys in the kitchen area "cooking" the babies on the stove. Someday they will be Daddies!