American Girl Place, LA (2nd time around)

Two weeks ago The Pea and I visited the American Girl Place at the Grove Shopping Center in LA.  It was my second time to visit the store (my first visit was 2 years ago), and although the main purpose of our visit was to have lunch at the Cafe, we made sure we had some extra time to walk around the store and soak in all the American Girl magic.

Being the newest historical dolls, Cecile and Marie-Grace displays dominated the Historical Dolls section.

I love their summer party dresses! They look so pretty and dainty when paired with the courtyard furniture and treats accessory set. 

Girls who find that set a bit old-fashioned might like the Dinner Table furniture and accessories in the My American Girl area. 

One of my favorite furniture items is the bathtub and shower set.

The Pea was so happy to see Natalia, her My American Girl doll, on display.

Mia, the Girl of the Year for 2008, (another doll The Pea owns) was also on display, along with the other Girls of the Year from years past.  I guess McKenna will join the display after 2012 ends and new Girl of the Year comes to take her place.

The hairstyle choices at the Doll Hair Salon were so pretty!  They also cost as much as a haircut and style for The Pea :)  Nevertheless, I told The Pea she could get a new hairstyle for one of her dolls (we had McKenna and Marie-Grace along with us).

Unfortunately, there was a waiting list, and we didn't have enough time to get either Marie-Grace or McKenna's hair restyled, so The Pea decided to get McKenna's ears pierced instead.  

Like all past visits to an American Girl Place, this one was filled with cute stuff and  great memories.  I can't wait to go back!

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