W.C.s on the High Seas -- Restroom Signs aboard the Disney Wonder

Last week I was invited on a press tour of the Disney Wonder, the Disney cruise ship that's now on the West Coast, sailing on Alaska cruises through September 2011, then sailing south to do Mexican Riviera cruises until December. There was so much to see during our 3-hour tour and I enjoyed it so much, I have to split it up into three or four posts; for now, I'll start with one of the first things I look for during any Disney experience: the restrooms.

Spotting Disney restroom signs has become a bit of an obsession for me, and I'm sure the members of the conventional press (i.e. travel magazines and newspapers) thought I was nuts when I kept asking where the restrooms were, then proceeded to whip out my camera and snap away. But I don't care; I love how Disney has taken their famous attention to detail and come up such clever, whimsical, humorous ways of separating the girls and the boys. The restroom signs aboard the Disney Wonder seemed more conventional than the ones in the parks, but I'm sure Walt Disney himself would be proud to visit the loo on this ship:

These signs identify the restrooms in the public area of the ship. I love the porthole framing and the classic style; like the rest of the ship, it's a fitting homage to the grand era of the ocean liner.

These signs are in the adults-only Vista Spa. Very soothing and grown-up, not a hint of Mickey anywhere.

It wouldn't be a Disney cruise ship without the clever restroom signs! The Disney theme is far more evident in the family-friendly and kid-themed areas of the ship. These signs were in the Oceaneer Lab, the activity center for kids aged 8-12. Sorry about the camera angle; the corridors were too narrow for me to take a photo head-on, so I had to step inside the girls' restroom to take the shot. I didn't think it wise to do the same for the boys' restroom because I didn't really want to be escorted off the ship!

For more Disney restroom signs, check out my Flickr set.

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bizemom said...

I sailed on the wonder before it repositioned to the west coast. It is a great ship option for families and the bath and a half concept is unique compared to other cruise vessels on the market.