Disney Magic comes out of the (Water) Closet -- Restroom Signs around the Disneyland Resort

When you're at Disneyland and you have young kids, it's a fact of life that you'll be spending just as much time in the restrooms as you do on the rides. You know how it is: you take one kid to go potty and get in line for Peter Pan's Flight (a 30-minute line), then after 20 minutes your other kid needs to go as well. I swear, we must have entered every single restroom at the Disneyland Resort over the course of two days.

Fortunately, the folks at Disney understand how the human psyche works, and just as they put all kinds of distractions in their queues to distract people from realizing just how long they've been standing in line, they've cleverly decorated their restrooms to make them substantially more entertaining than your average loo. I didn't notice these signs at first because we were so busy rushing in and out, but after the tenth or twelfth potty break I finally got around to snapping these photos:




A Bug's Land, Disney's California Adventure:

Aren't they adorable? They're just one more way Disney takes ordinary things and makes them special. I wish I had taken photos of all of them; it's just one more item on my To-Do list for the next time we visit the Magic Kingdom.

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bing said...

lovely! it is not easy to be with kids anywhere. but it's fun, too!