My Mother's Day Hi-Tech Present List

Here are five hi-tech presents I'd love to see on my bedside table when I wake up on Mother's Day! Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

1) Retractable earphones. I'm still in love with the retractable convenience of ChicBuds earphones, but mine have fallen apart. I need a new pair!

2) A digital camera. Our Canon point-and-shoot is really on its last legs. Half the time, we need to manually pry apart the lens! I'm quite happy with the Canon interface, so I'd love any of the Canon Powershot A-series cameras.

3) A smart phone. Now that I have an internet data plan on my phone, I'm really feeling the limitations of my Samsung Reclaim. Sure, it's cute and it's made of corn, but it's hard to email and tweet and browse the web. I don't really want to switch from my Sprint plan, so unless Sprint starts offering the iPhone soon, I wouldn't mind an HTC Hero or EVO.

4) Virgin Mobile Broadband. I don't use my laptop on the road often enough to justify paying for a monthly mobile broadband contract, so Virgin's pay-as-you-go plan is perfect. You buy the USB device for $99 and you can pay for service only when you need it. The cheapest service is $10 for 100MB or 10 days, whichever you use up first.

5) An iPad. How can you not want one? It's an e-book and a netbook and game player all in one! That's why I’m participating in a contest at Best Kids Apps, a blog about iPhone apps for kids, for a chance to win an iPad. Wish me luck!

Disclosure: I did not receive a sample or monetary compensation for this post. By posting this, I gain an entry into a contest for the chance to win an Apple iPad. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

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