It's one of those Annoying Family Newsletters

Hello, everyone! This year we're taking our cure from the economy and downsizing our annual newsletter. Here's a short and sweet list of memorable events in 2009:

* In January, Bonggamom cut off her long hair and donated it to Locks of Love.

* In February, Alfie took the kids to a Monster Truck Show.

* In March, Jammy lost his first tooth.

* In April, The Pea entered her first skating competition and placed second.
SpringFling09 054

* In May, Alfie gave 3Po and Jammy a mohawk haircut.

* In June, 3Po and Jammy moved into bunk beds. They also learned to swim.

* In July, Bonggamom went on an out-of-town trip, her first ever without the kids.

* In August, we camped in Napa Valley and took our first ever family hike.

* In September, The Pea started third grade, and 3Po and Jammy started kindergarten. The boys also joined a soccer league, with Alfie as their assistant coach.
AYSO 010

* In October, we got to cross off one item on our "Must-See-Places" list -- the Grand Canyon.

* In November, Bonggamom gifted Alfie with a much-needed GPS.

* In December, we'll all be in Manila for the holidays!

Happy Holidays, everyone, and we are looking forward to another memorable year!

from bonggamom and family

(For all you PhotoHunters -- that's my Twelve (twelve photos, that is) for this week's theme! Click here for more Twelves..... And don't forget to leave your links below so I can visit your blog!)


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Merry Christmas!

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hi bonggamom,i eager to see your picture when u were baby,primary school,then high school,20's,30' etc.

Same goes to ur hubby...

I am sure it will be interesting to put in the blog,just a simple pic...u'll be glad to see the changes .:)