Inside Disneyland's Dream Suite

Disney Dream Suite Entrance

I've spent the last 4 days showcasing a few of the ways you can blow some big bucks at the Disneyland Resort.  Any of the 5 Signature Suites -- the Big Thunder Suite, Fairy Tale Suite, Adventureland Suite, Pirates of the Caribbean Suite or Mickey Mouse Penthouse -- will set you back thousands of dollars per night, but if you have the money there's no better way to spend it.  The luxurious amenities, attention to detail, and magical surprises make for an unforgettable experience!

However, there are just some things that money cannot buy, and the same holds true at the Disneyland Resort.  You could be a millionaire or a billionaire, and you still wouldn't be able to book a stay at the Disneyland Dream Suite.  Even Donald Trump, Bill Gates, President Obama or the Queen of England couldn't do it (at least I think not).  The only way to spend a night at the Dream Suite is to win it. A few months ago I was given the incredible opportunity to tour the Dream Suite along with a group of bloggers, so I'm taking you all on the tour with me!

What is the Disneyland Dream Suite?  It's a 2,200-square-foot luxury apartment located right inside Disneyland Park, above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square. Walt Disney originally had it built to house his family and entertain guests in the park, but sadly passed away before it was completed. The Dream suite includes a living room, open-air patio, two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

You can enter the Dream Suite via a grand staircase that starts right outside Tarzan's Tree House, but we used the side entrance that is accessible via elevator.  Bamboo trees and foliage shield the outdoor patio from public view, so everything is nice and and private.  The Suite has an outdoor patio but I can't show you photos of the patio because I can only post 6 photos of the suite!  There are so many things to showcase inside that I decided to make do with a photo of the bamboo trees surrounding the suite :)
Exterior view of Disney Dream Suite

The hall just inside of the patio has a tropical, Adventureland theme.  It's filled with tropical vegetation and hanging birdcages.
Disney Dream Suite hallway

The master bedroom is decorated in Victorian style, with an Adventureland theme.  Although the decor is exquisite (the wall behind the jacuzzi tub has a beautiful stained glass window!), the best thing about this room is the "Goodnight Kiss" button on the wall beside the door.  When you press the button, the lights dim and the walls and ceiling light up with twinkling stars.  You'll hear soothing music and waterfalls.  You'll see the shadow of Peter Pan flying across the ceiling.  The painting over the bed transforms into Peter Pan's Mermaid Lagoon, with mermaids actually splashing around!
Disney Dream Suite -- master bedroom

The second bedroom is more playful and whimsical.  It also has a Victorian style, but with a more Frontierland feel.  It has two twin beds and vintage toys on shelves and tables.  This room has its own magical  "Goodnight Kiss" button:  when you press the button, an electrical train travels on a high shelf, all around the room! As the train makes its way around the track, you'll hear whistles and chugging sounds, and you'll see some of the toys along the track come to life.
Disney Dream Suite -- kids bedroom

The living room is so fancy and elegant, it needs to be called a parlor.  It is decorated in French Provincial/New Orleans style, with a blue/white/cream/gold color scheme (by the way, the gentleman on the far right of the photo below is Michael Colglazier, president of the Disneyland Resort, who met us at the Dream Suite to chat and answer questions!).
Disney Dream Suite -- living room

The living room, I mean parlor, is filled with Disney-themed objects and memorabilia that served as inspiration for the rides and attractions around the park.   For example, the murals in the photo below are the European castles that served as the inspiration for Cinderella's and Sleeping Beauty's castles ( the castle on the left is Neuchwanstein Castle in Bavaria, and the one on the right is Chateau Chenonceau in France).
Disney Dream Suite -- living room

Other Disney touches around the parlor include:

* A fireplace with Cinderella's castle design
* A full-size carousel horse
* A mechanical songbird that served as inspiration for the park's first animatronic figures, the Tiki Room birds
* A grandfather clock that plays classic Disney tunes like "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" or  "When You Wish Upon A Star", when the it strikes a designated hour.

The parlor and the Frontierland bedroom both open up to a private balcony overlooking the Rivers of America.  It provides the perfect view of the nighttime Fantasmic show!
Disney Dream Suite -- view from the terrace

Guests at the Dream Suite get true VIP treatment.  They enjoy 24-hour exclusive concierge service, and after the park closes for the night, they are free to wander around in their bathrobes!

Staying at the Dream Suite would really be a dream come true, but as I mentioned, the Disneyland Dream Suite is not open to the public.  The only way to get to spend the night here with your family is if you win it through a Disney Cast Member raffle, a charity sweepstakes or other contest.

The Disneyland Resort requested that I limit the number of photos of the suite interior to 6, so if you want to look at more photos of the Dream Suite and learn more about it, here are five online sites you can visit:
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For luxury suites at the Disneyland Resort than you can actually book, check out these post.  Of course, booking them is one thing, being able to afford them is another...

Disclosure: I toured the Disneyland Dream Suite at a media event in 2013.

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