Inside the Disneyland Hotel's Adventureland Suite

Adventureland Suite entrance
(This post is part of a series of sneak peeks into the Signature Suites at the Disneyland Hotel.  All five themed suites -- Pirates of the Caribbean SuiteBig Thunder SuiteMickey Mouse Penthouse,
Adventureland Suite, and the Fairy Tale Suite   -- are on the 11th floor of the Dreams Tower.  All except the Fairy Tale Suite sleep 6, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living and dining area.)

My one-word description for the Adventureland Suite:  romantic.  It has a bit of the same opulence as the Pirates of the Caribbean Suite, but with more of an exotic feel, like a safari lounge, or the 1930's home of a very rich person who loved traveling to exotic places and loved displayed their treasures. The suite is decorated with vintage maps and tribal art. There are even exotic sound effects -- the doorbell sounds like Tiki drums, the master bath plays rainforest sounds, and the sound system pipes in Adventureland-themed music.

Adventureland Suite living room

I love this collection of masks from native tribes around the world!  They look so striking against the red wall.
Adventureland Suite wall decor

You can see the same tribal/native theme in the guest bathroom, which has stone sinks and walls decorated with bold geometric patterns.
Adventureland Suite bath

This charming little reading nook is my favorite element in the whole suite.  At the time I toured the suite, my boys were small enough to lie down and spend the night there.  I'm sure they would have fought each other for the privilege of sleeping on a bed with curtains they could draw around them!
Adventureland Suite reading nook

The walls and ceiling of the second bedroom are draped in canvas, so it looks like you're inside a tent.  The folding desk and chair gives it that safari look and feel.  It's the ultimate kind of glamping!
Adventureland Suite guest bedroom

I have no idea why I felt like someone very rich and important, like a big game hunter, lives in the master bedroom -- I certainly don't remember seeing any animal heads or tusks mounted on the walls! Maybe it's all the treasures are displayed on the walls.  Or the sheer mosquito-netting drapes surrounding the four-poster bed.  Or the bedside tables that look like suitcases.  Or the antique soaking tub right in the bedroom.
Adventureland Suite master suite

All the Signature Suites are amazing, but I have to say, this one is my favorite.  It was difficult to say I prefer it above the Mickey Mouse Penthouse, but in the end I have to rank it number one, because of how it appeals to my imagination. The whole suite could have stepped right out of The Secret Garden or Out of Africa.  Every single item in that suite was so perfectly chosen, and everything contributed to the overall character.  It really transported me out of LA and onto an exotic safari!

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For more photos of the Signature Suites, visit my Disneyland Hotels Flickr photoset:
Disneyland Hotel Signature Suites,  bonggamom's photoset on Flickr

Disclosure: I toured the Signature Suites of the Disneyland Hotel on a press trip in 2011. For more details about the Big Thunder Suite, check out the Disney Parks Blog.

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