What's for lunch this week?

Avocado, ham & tomato sandwich, strawberries, peaches

This is the last week of classes for my kids.  I can't believe I made it through a whole schoolyear's worth of school lunches!  It certainly has been a lot easier to resist the temptation of sending my kids off with prepackaged lunches or money for school lunch, now that I have the right equipment (i.e. the perfect bento box!).  Setting myself a goal of photographing each and every lunch also helped with the motivation!  While I can't say that I made and photographed each and every school lunch that my kids ate this year, I think I came fairly close.

There are only 3 days of school this week, because we had today (Memorial Day) off, and the last day of school is this Thursday, so I'm only posting 3 lunches today.  In addition, I'm giving myself the summer off for this lunch post series.  I was getting pretty burned out, so I'll need the entire summer to recharge and get myself ready to face the upcoming school year.

With that said, have a great summer everyone, eat healthy and we'll see you in the fall!

Ham, cheese and avocado croissant, pineapple pastry, mandarin orange

Cream cheese, tomato & cucumber triangles, mandarin orange, white-chocolate coated strawberry

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