Happy (Minimalist) Easter!

All day I've been enjoying cute Easter photos of my kids' friends on Facebook -- cuties dressed in adorable pastel outfits, showing off their Easter baskets, hunting for eggs, posing with the Easter Bunny (Doesn't anyone make a CUTE Easter Bunny costume?  They all look kind of freaky!).  Unfortunately, I don't have any cute Easter photos of my own to share.  The last time attended an Easter brunch or egg hunt was 2 or 3 years ago, and it has been even longer than that since we've seen the Easter bunny.

This year even Easter eggs have fallen by the wayside. The kids received just one Cadbury's Creme Egg apiece (two if you count the eggs I bought a couple of days ago).  After Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day, I didn't really want to celebrate with more sugar.  In past years I've filled their Easter baskets with little toys like Lego or Playmobil, but the thought of introducing more toys, stuffed animals and plastic junk to the household made me want to hop away.  So I took what I would have spent on candy and toys, bought iTunes and Google Play Store gift cards, and put those in the plastic eggs.  It's not that I'm trying to be a better parent by doing away with the candy and toys; after all, it just encourages them to buy their noses in apps and videogames.  It's just that Easter is evolving as the kids grow up.

But in  case you're nostalgic for a more traditional Easter, here are a few Easter memories as sweet as a basketful of chocolate bunnies:

However you celebrated it, I hope you had a Happy Easter!

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