3Po aces our Fire Drill

A couple of months ago I bought two fire extinguishers for the house: the first, to replace the 10 year-old extinguisher for the first floor, and the second, for the second floor, which has never had a fire extinguisher until now.  Alfie showed everyone where he installed both fire extinguishers, but when he quizzed us about it a month later, our fire safety savvy was sadly lacking.  None of us could remember where they were!  3Po, however, showed us that whatever his lack of fire safety savvy, he had other kinds of savvy:

Alfie:  Here's the scenario: you notice that the flames on the stove are way too high.  Quick, what do you do?

3Po:  Try to turn the stove off.

Alfie:  Good.  But the knob has broken and the fire won't go out.  Quick, what do you do?

3Po:  Throw a blanket over the flames.

Alfie: The fire has consumed the blanket.  Now what?

3Po:  Get the fire extinguisher.

Alfie: Good!  Where is it?

3Po: Ummmm..... the broom closet?

Alfie: No!  Quick, the fire has spread!  Where's the fire extinguisher?

3Po:  Ummmm....

Alfie:  Quick!  Where is it?

3Po:  Ummmmm....

Alfie: Quick!  The house is going to burn down!  What are you going to do?

3Po immediately runs to his bedroom.  He comes back with his tablet, his stuffed cow and his blanket, ready to abandon ship.

When it comes to prioritizing and sound judgement, 3Po has got it down. (but next time, 3Po, don't forget the charger!).

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