The Best and Worst of BlogHer 2010

Last year it took me so long to write up my BlogHer 2009 recap post that when it posted, people were already looking for sponsors for BlogHer 2010. This year, thanks to the wonders of mobile broadband and the nightmare of delays at the airport, I've been able to sit down and get some thoughts together about BlogHer 2010. And since my plane is boarding and about to leave me behind, without further ado or embellishment, here is my Best and Worst list for BlogHer 2010:

Best Panel
Without a doubt, the Humor Blogging panel. It left everyone in stitches!

Worst Panel
I didn't attend all the panels, and I enjoyed all the panels I attended, so I'm not naming any Worst Of for this category. Besides, I'm not about to slag any of the panelists off after all the effort they made to inform, educate and entertain everyone. But I did hear reports of bloggers filing out en masse from a couple of sessions because they weren't what people expected, or they turned into gabfests between the panelists with little useful information for attendees.

Best Official Swag
If I were a still a parent of a preschooler, I would award Best Offical Swag to the gigantic bag of Play-Doh, but since my kids are older now I'd have to say I like the Hillshire Farm sandwich keeper the best. Since I don't use plastic bags to store the kids' sandwiches any more, the sandwich keeper makes the leap from tchotchke to useful. (Note that I'm only talking "official" swag here, that is, swag that was in the BlogHer conference swag bag. As far as "unofficial" swag goes, that's another story and another series of posts!)

Worst Official Swag
The Jimmy Dean alarm clock -- cute, but not worth the precious suitcase space. Judging by the number of alarm clocks I saw in the swag recycle room, I'm guessing many other bloggers felt the same way.

Best Outfit
Loralee Choate of Loralee's Looney Tunes runs away with my Best Dressed Award for her wacky, whimsical tutus-and-tiaras running outfit. Loralee, you should wear that outfit every day. Or at least to your weekly grocery shop. The best thing about her outfit is not the rose on her waist that's as big as a baby's head. Nor the vintage decals on her white tank. Nor is it the confidence with which Loralee wears it. No, the best thing about it is that all that Loralee's wearing all that pink and froth not just to look awesome (even though she does), but to help out a very special little boy and his family.

Worst Outfit
Sorry, Jimmy Dean, I seem to be ganging up on your company today, but your humongous, puffy sun-guy wandering around the BlogHer Expo Hall, holding cooking demonstrations, looked a bit dingy and dirty. Second runner up would have to go to a very, very, very big-headed (and I don't mean conceited) Dora the Explorer. Are they going back to old preschool Dora after all the hoopla about tweenie Dora?

Most Useful Conference Service
The shipping suite, which allowed bloggers to ship their extra swag home via UPS. I arrived at BlogHer with only a carry-on bag, so the shipping service was a lifesaver!

Least Useful Conference Service
The shipping suite, which allowed bloggers to ship their extra swag home via UPS -- after all the Ground Shipping labels had run out. Bloggers were forced to use labels for 3-Day Shipping and 2-Day Shipping, which cost waayyy too much. Faced with the prospect of paying $$$ to ship things like shampoo, toothpaste and plush Pillsbury doughboys, many bloggers opted to leave their swag behind, or lug their box to one of the local UPS stations. Next time, don't bother with 3-Day, 2-Day or Overnight labels and just bring lots and lots of Ground Shipping labels!

Best Food
At last, I get to say something nice about Jimmy Dean. I loved their breakfast sandwiches, and can't wait to use the coupons they handed out! Runner-up goes to McDonald's for their awesome oatmeal.

Worst Food
I didn't like the cookies they served during one of the snack sessions -- they weren't worth the calories. And the Extra Dessert Delights gum in the official swag bag wasn't too great either.

What did you like or dislike about BlogHer 2010?


Loralee Choate said...

This made my day, friends. Xoxo

Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama said...

I loved seeing you and the rest of the PSP Family Fun crew during our super swanky dinner at MOMA! I could really use some foie gras, tartare, and lychee and soda right about now!

Asianmommy said...

I loved meeting a whole bunch of Asian American bloggers. I'm so sorry that I missed you! Maybe next year?